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Two tracks released from highly anticipated Fejká

The first two singles, “Ghostlight (ft. Marie Angerer)” and ‘Twilight (ft. Hildur)’ from Fejká’s upcoming album Twilight, have been released, and the full album is set to drop  tomorrow via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records.

The EP is an amalgamation of dreamy downtempo tracks, and fast driving techno. Originally unable to decide which direction he wanted to take his production in, Fejká created an EP that combines both genres. The EP’s first two songs, ‘Illumination’ and ‘Sunlight’ are slower in pace with an ambient atmosphere. They embody the emotions of waking up from a long night of restful sleep and slowly becoming aware of the world around you. The album concludes with ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Ghostlight (ft. Marie Angerer)’ which represent a certain state of hypnosis and trance brought on by nightfall. However, the key song and title track, ‘Twilight (ft. Hildur)’ is an amalgamation of both worlds, and is the bridge that merges the two contrasting genres of music embodied on this album.

Originally designed to be listened to in it’s entirety, Twilight is set to be an interesting debut for the young producer.

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