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Popolonuovo is a collective formed by music producers, writers, illustrators, and artists in general. Their identities are unknown and they don't show their faces. The mission is to spread their motto all over the world: "Ogni nuova generazione è un

Bass, Mids, Tops is a portrait of a different Britain. This is a Britain defined by hybridity, by tangled relationships and lines of connection, by rambling conversations in pubs, raves and back seats of lifts to parties. It’s Britain defined by

We recently caught up with Gabriel Ralls, or better known as Koto Kill (his new collaborative project) is a DJ and producer hailing from Britain. He garnered considerable success whilst part of the band Plastique. The band received considerable support

Former member of The Polyphonic Spree, St.Vincent (real name Annie Clark) has made her directorial debut with “The Birthday Party”, a short film which forms part of a new horror film anthology entitled XX.   Recently premiering at the Sundance Film

James Laurence, one half of the massively influential duo Friendzone, has passed away.   Laurence and partner Dylan Reznick pioneered the genre of Cloud Rap (also known as Trillwave), overseeing the production of dreamlike, ethereal hip hop tracks, most notably for Main

‘Nico, 1988’ will portray the German iconic muse of Andy Warhol, and singer of Velvet Underground in her final years. The life of Nico is set to be immortalised in a new biopic, according to Variety. Nico, 1988 will explore the

The xx have have added to their recent tour announcement with a full list of dates for their 2017 UK and European tour. The I See You Tour will kick off on February 8 in Stockholm, Sweden. From there, the

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