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Melodic house duo Jaffna seize the day with song ‘You Got Together’

Image credit: Iviu Torre

Are you are someone who enjoys the simpler pleasures in life? It can be anything like taking a scenic walk around the city, chatting with friends, or spending quality time with your pets. Jaffna’s music and latest song ‘You Got Together’ may be just what you may enjoy. How does melodic house music tie in with your lifestyle you may ask? Well, music is art and art imitates life. You can feel the warmth and earthy tones in this new song by the duo, a sound that is both peaceful, transcendent, and lively like someone who seizes the day every chance they get.

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This Paris-based duo formed in 2014, and have been infiltrating the electronic music scene since then with over thousands of streams for their debut EP Retrograde back in 2018. The duo cites Bicep as a big influence on their craft, however, their individual sound on this new track sits close in comparison to the work Tycho and Floating Points. If you cannot stop streaming ‘You Got Together’ via Enchanté Records and want to hear more? Stay tuned, as the duo will be sharing their album Odyssey on the 22nd of October.

Stream/download: ‘You Got Together’

Odyssey LP Tracklist

1. Hollow Fields

2. Oslo

3. You Got Together

4. Roots

5. Manifest

6. Hackney Boy

7. Follies

8. Headlines

9. Byzance

10. Rival

11. Bhairavi

12. Sturm Und Drang

13. Outro

‘You Got Together’ features on the Spotify playlist

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