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PREMIERE: Hardcore Techno producers _asstnt & Roll Dann announce EP

Pulsating techno embellishments leave you longing for a night on the dancefloor with _asstnt & Roll Dann’s new song ‘Old Crescent’ via MindTrip. Today, we are delighted to exclusively present this track with our techno community. This release will feature on the producers EP Emergency Break, which is slated for official release on the 29th of October via MindTrip. Both from the city of Madrid, _asstnt & Roll Dann have been in love with techno music since their adolescence, going to underground techno and rave parties whenever they had the chance. ‘Old Crescent’ is one of those techno tracks that will immediately give all ‘90’s children flashbacks to their youth and  the mischief they encountered.  _asstnt & Roll Dann only began working together in January of this year, but their sound as a pair is electric.

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