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[PREMIERE] FINALVERSION3 shares ‘Boca Que Arrastra Mi Boca’ before dropping his new dark techno EP “La Estructura del Silencio”

FINALVERSION3 returns to Newrythmic Recs with “La Estructura del Silencio”, an EP shaped during one of the most difficult social settings our society has ever lived in. We are pleased to present the premiere of the closing cut, ‘Boca Que Arrastra Mi Boca’.

The track closes the EP in the most organic way possible. Inspired by Spanish language poet and playwright Miguel Hernández’s poem “La Boca”, the track is rich in detail. Inverted whispering, slow cracking of bones, the sound of leather and rope, and a synth that appears to emerge from the mud, crawling heavily like a wail. The silence of the streets, the uncertainty, the anger and the overall heavy atmosphere are represented in all four cuts.

 “La Estructura del Silencio” is out on June 17th via Newrhythmic Records.

01. Control Cicatriz 

02. Funeral Translúcido 

03. La inteligencia de la forma 

04. Boca que arrastra mi boca 

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