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Aphex Twin, µ-Ziq, Wheez-ie

DJ Wheez-ie’s Horizons EP gets techno remixes

Image credit: Jaxon Whittington

Wheez-ie’s uncompromising rave anthems get a wild ride of remixes from Tim Reaper, VTSS, DJ Stingray 313, Aura T-09 & Cardopusher. An of-the-moment remix EP full of bold, dark, and relentless warehouse thrillers.On January 14, L.A.-based producer Matt “Wheez-ie” Mauldin will follow up October 2021’s Horizons release on Evar Records with an of-the-moment remix EP that’s cathartic, riveting, uncompromising and altogether powerful. Wheez-ie gathers together an all-star cast of dancefloor iconoclasts who reinterpret his singular ’90s-referential rave visions to thrilling effect – this is all killer, no filler warehouse music for those who are brave enough to take the ride.London’s jungle modernist Tim Reaper reworks “Horizons” – a Summer of Love-ready breakbeat epic with cinematic, near gothic overtones – into an homage of sorts to early LTJ Bukem, cutting up Wheezie’s melancholy synths into a twinkling fairyland that dances atop a weighty ton of chopped amens and classic jungle subs.

Detroit icon DJ Stingray 313 trades in the punishing techno vibes of the original “Anon” for something equally fierce – a versatile 139 bpm slab of expertly-machined industrial electro that pairs perfectly with the sample “You think you know me, you don’t,” which could well be a rallying cry for Wheez-ie’s unexpected musical stylings.The surprises continue on the remix of “Pressure,” tackled by Evar Records label head Aura T-09 with the wildly eclectic Barcelona-based Cardopusher. The duo transform Wheez-ie’s aggressive free-festival hard trance into a cheeky and modern riff on early Paul Van Dyk/Tiësto/Love Parade anthems. Gossamer layers of Aura T-09’s angelic vocals and tunneling Acperience arpeggios are offset by a wildfire of hacked breakbeats and Dominator synth stabs, revealing Cardopusher’s rich breakcore past.

Rounding out this fully mental and totally unexpected remix pack is a nasty, naughty fingerblast from the Berghain dark room via Polish-born, London-based VTSS. Where other remixes add the breaks, the fast-techno goddess strips back the early ’90s breakbeat hardcore onslaught of the original and replaces it with an equally relentless industrial 4/4 beat – the entire tune is a masterclass in the intensity for which she’s known.

Uncompromising and utterly of-the-moment, the Horizons Remix EP explores new shades of the themes that infuse Wheez-ie’s original: dystopian futurism, uncertainty, dark beauty and rave catharsis. Don’t sleep!

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