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Joris Delacroix unleashes next electronica hit

Image credit: Julot Bandit

It’s Friday and the weekend is calling, creeping ever closer to those sun-filled days and freedoms. Who are your playlist companions? Who do you have blasting on your way home from the office? My answer will always be Joris Delacroix and his impossibly good sounds. The producer is wrapping up the year with the release of his latest single, ‘Homie’ via his own imprint, SmallFishBigSea.

Stream / Download: ‘Homie’

The single is a move towards techno but devoted fans will still recognise his work immediately: whether it be the distorted synths or those ever-rolling basslines. If ‘Homie’ is tickling your tastebuds, Fury released in collaboration with Teho will provide the perfect follow up track for later in the night when the drinks are flowing and the dancefloor is growing. Either way, you’re unlikely to go wrong with Joris Delacroix on a Friday (or any other day, really) for he is the sound that all good vibes flow to. 

The producer shares his thoughts on the single: “‘Homie’ is the kind of music I enjoy producing the most. It’s all about mixing peaceful and dreamy vibes with powerful and uplifting sensations in a constantly evolving way. This contradictory feeling resonates deep inside in me and I still need to express it through my music. The style is between House music and Electronica and the main theme takes influences from Stephan Bodzin and Vitalic.”

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