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Techno producer Jamaica Suk unveils Uncertain Landscapes compilation

Berlin techno bastion Jamaica Suk’s generous Uncertain Landscape’ series continues with the third part of this weighty 17-track release serving up another quartet of rugged grooves. 

Representing Portugal, Temudo brings fierce tribal energy on “L9” channeling the driving sounds of early 2000s techno, he brings it up to date with pummeling bass and kicks and taut percussion loops that flex and fire with a mighty intent. It’s over to France next and a big tempo change from Ersatz Olfolks with the meditative “ReflectingSurface” chugging along at an unhurried pace. Resonant metallic sounds chime over the stuttering kicks, with wet acidic gurgles rising and combining with a complementary hi-hat shuffle. Distorted, overdriven edges emerge, gentle screeches and hisses forced into existence. Techno royalty Oliver Deutschmann pitches in next with the pacey contrast of “Hunting”.  It’s manic tempo is contrasted by its comparative lightness of touch, with the acidic theme continuing. The 303s are teasingly muted, meandering relentlessly under rapid-fire clap patterns and urgent hi-hats. Parallax Records boss and Berghain and Concrete guests Pharaoh and Yogg provide the closing salvo,an experimental cut by the name of “Betelgeuse”. Broken beats underpin glitchy textures and gnarledsurfaces, providing a challenging workout for discerning dancefloors  

Gradient is the vinyl record label by Jamaica Suk exploring gradients of techno with a direction to move. Focussing on the soulful side of techno with Dub, 90s and Ambient/Experimental influences.  

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