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Kruder & Dorfmeister release trip-hop gem,song ‘Swallowed The Moon’

  Image credit: Max Parovsky

It is release day for renowned trip-duo Kruder & Dormesister’s song ‘Swallowed The Moon’. This trip-hop duo continues to instill a sense of mystery to their sound, as each song presents an unexpected theme or concept, keeping it fresh and exciting as we await the following album with no doubts of it being an epic listening experience. 

Featured on DoofDoof, they described the song, “‘Swallowed The Moon’ is like a fine wine, one must savor each unique note in order to enjoy and discover new ones that were not noticeable at the first taste. Unlike ‘King Size; which has many interesting elements incorporated into one track, ‘Swallowed The Moon’ follows a more tranquil path that can be enjoyed under the stars.”

‘Swallowed The Moon’ features on their forthcoming anticipated album 1995 .

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