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Interview with Lady Starlight & Surgeon

Headlining The Playground event at The Steelyard, we touch base with the duo about the collaboration turned lifestyle they’ve created, insight into their panic induced amount of caffeine in the studios and the mantras they say before stage. 

How essential is emerging technology in your setup to create new music? What machines are on your radar to give you that authentic sound?
S: Not especially. You can create exciting new music using old technology! ‘That authentic sound’ is an elusive thing, but one thing’s for sure. It has nothing to do with what tools you use to make your music.
LS: I like samplers that make things sound wrong and far away.
You both have individual directions and relationships with your audiences. How do you balance the energy of a duo on stage?
S: There have been many similar examples throughout showbiz history-  Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe, Sonny and Cher etc.
LS: The differences between the artists in any duo is always what makes it interesting. We are having a sonic conversation.
Techno is often categorised as repetitive, altering the pace to provoke the composition of the track. How does your collaboration aid or add to the original formula?
S: Our live performances are always improvised, raw and on the edge. If the audience enjoys it even half as much as we do performing it then we’re all onto a winner.
LS: Personally, I think techno isn’t repetitive enough at the moment. But regarding our collaboration, we couldn’t be truly repetitive if we tried, we are both using modular synths and they literally sound different each time you turn them on.

Read the full interview on The Playground….

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