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Roi, Ben Bohmer, Tin Licker

 Dynamic musician Roi shares new EP Pasture


Roi’s newest EP is titled ‘Pasture’, a play on words combining both past & future. The project draws influence from old-school Detroit techno but with a ‘modern’ & ‘futuristic’ approach applied to it. The project is filled with bouncing & groovy tunes that are ready to shake the dance floor. A compelling EP from one of the co-founders of Fanzine Project – a record label, artist collective, events promoter & school that aims to promote the knowledge, expansion and accessibility of electronic music in A Coruña, as well as to promote a cutting-edge cultural fabric through projects linked to their territory.

The opening track ‘Yam’ is a soothing number with a synthesised melody that works with another synth to create a call-and-response effect. The percussion and hats keep the track moving while the throbbing sub pulsates with each kick as the pads lift you up.

The second track ‘Corder’ opens with broken kicks and swelling sub-bass that forms the foundation of the groovy tune. When the hats slowly rise there’s also a twinkling synth that builds and slowly hypnotizes you. As the track goes on, you feel all these elements come together as the bass surrounds you like a warm blanket, and the drums, along with the synth keep you grooving along.

‘Cauc’ is up next with a heavy kick and a bassline that rolls as smoothly as butter. The beautifully lush pads and layers of grooving synths uplift & hypnotize you as the hi-hats & claps begin rolling in, driving the track forward.

The fourth tack on the EP titled ‘Tinerfe’ is intoxicatingly groovy. The arpeggiated synth keeps the groove tight as the claps snap along and the hi-hats begin rolling in. The atmosphere is amplified by the sparkling synthesizers in the background and the cymbals increase the track’s drive and intensity.

The final track on the project is ‘Larita’, once again Roi delivers a track with a beautiful groove and this time a bouncing bassline. The arpeggiated bright synth cuts through the mix and begins rising, increasing the intensity of the track as the various hats roll in, to maintain and drive the track’s momentum to a climactic end to the project.   Roi’s use of hi-hats, claps, cymbals and bleeping synthesisers creates a tight rhythm that is a resemblance to Detroit’s techno. When coupled with the heavy kick drums and warm, rumbling sub, he brings an even more unshakable groove to the project that is sure to send dance floors into a frenzy.

Roi’s EP ‘Pasture’ will be released through Fanzine Records on 6th May 2022.

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