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Band KARMACODA release genre-altering, trip-hop song ‘Traps’

Image credit: Gianfranco Bichine

Breathing new energy into their sound, band KARMACODA have shared the trip-hop-infused, acapella single ‘Traps’. This single will feature on their upcoming album release Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire via Sola Musa Music. ‘Traps’ follows a darker path than its predecessor ‘Make Me The One’. Combining the rich vocal talents of Jessica Ford and Brett Crockett, this duet captures the juxtaposition of two people’s varied experience in the same relationship. ‘Traps’ dives deep into the feeling of entrapment in a toxic relationship or situation that feels hard to release yourself from. 

Stream/download: ‘Traps’

 ‘Make Me The One’ followed a more vocally driven R&B flare with Jessica Ford’s performance. The band released the video for this single, which left Sound Lab (read feature) praising their production: “The music video features the band performing this future classic. Vocalist & coach to future stars (American Idol, The Voice) Jessica Ford fronts this dynamic act that combines R&B hooks with ethereal pop that melts the listener within seconds. KARMACODA’s sound is rich & fragrant with fine-tuned instrumentals & harmony – resulting in the band’s elegant & lovable pop appeal.”

Definitely a huge leap from their previous release, lyrically & production-wise. Refined acoustic & electronics collide, diving into a pool of free-form acapella notes and direction. Although a change of pace from what was expected, ‘Traps’ is a lyrically tragic yet divine listen.

Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire Tracklist

1. ​Dream On

2. ​We Know Just What To Do

3. Make Me The One

4. Lo-Fi Girl

5. ​Deep (Three)

6. ​Feels

7. ​Traps

8. Departure

9. Stay

10. Never

11. How I Feel

12. Not Afraid

13. Becoming One

14. Burn




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