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Award-winning experimental music producer Ed is Dead releases new album

          Artwork by Gabriel Pozzo

Iconic award-winning artist and musical protege, Ed is Dead has released long-awaited album GLOBAL SICKNESS today via Idioteque Records. The sick beats to his latest release encapsulate his talent as a musician, who has won several awards including Best Electronic Album from the 2017 MIN Indie Music Awards in Spain and the Electronic Album Of The Year from Mondo Sonoro in 2017. With the eclectic juxtaposition of tracks across the album, he plays with new methods regarding the manipulation of sound, ranging from dark to light tones whilst melodically addressing social messages to the audience. Talking about the album, Ed says that he believes that 2020 was a year of global reflection and that the world is sick, and if we don’t fix it, nature will take care of it. The context of this album ranges from issues within society but this is majestically portrayed in the basslines of the tracks and the warped melodic tunes. 

 Purchase GLOBAL SICKNESS Digital –  On vinyl 

A bit about Ed, more commonly known as Eduardo Ostos, Ed is Dead has been on the forefront of the music industry for a number of years. Based in Spain, Ed is known as a session musician, multi-instrumentalist and live performer, who additionally creates soundtracks for contemporary dance companies.  Ed, has previously performed alongside The xx, Gorillaz and The Chemical Brothers

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