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Since its release, the new hit ‘Keep It Movin’ seems to be uplifting the listener. Blog Doof has shared their joy from listening to the new Wax Tailor and D Smoke collaboration, “Wax Tailor and D Smoke are providing feel-good

Independent electronic producer Uppermost has just shared his latest single “Perseverance ft. Harry Pane”  via Uppwind Records. The title track, lifted from the upcoming album Perseverance scheduled for release on the 23rd March. Recently released singles ‘Make A Change’, ‘Step

Earlier this year Austrian duo Tosca returned with the back to basics album, 'Going Going Going'. After two decades plus of experimentation the duo returned to their downtempo, instrumental roots and low and behold it was hailed as their best album

Headlining The Playground event at The Steelyard, we touch base with the duo about the collaboration turned lifestyle they’ve created, insight into their panic induced amount of caffeine in the studios and the mantras they say before stage.    How essential is

The launch event for Loraine James' first full length album Detail, is taking place on Friday May 6, hosted by Young/Dead. The album will be released by Fu Inle Records. North London native Loraine James is an up and coming electronic artist/

Pavel's Dovgal's new release The Aura has been released via Project Mooncircle. The album features collaboration with previous co-creators Mujuice and Graciela Maria as well as Los Angeles rapper BLU and Azari III ex-vocalist Starving Yet Full. According to Dovgal, The Aura

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