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Newest release from Lets Play House: ‘Vinum’ by music producer Demuja arriving soon

Demuja is about to release his very first LP ‘Vinum’ in cooperation with Brooklyn-based label Lets Play House later this month.

Within the last few years, the Austrian DJ and producer has generated a prolific output in the house music industry, releasing numerous EPs along with his very first vinyl – Mary Jane’s Theory being sold out instantly. His following album Demujas Disco Cuts followed suit. He has released music on labels such as Freerange Records, Traxx Underground, Nervous Records, 124 Recordings and Shadow Child’s Food Music.

For the electronic dance  music lovers that can not wait until his next raw, deep, funky house piece is out, here is a preview. Listen to the first cut from the album ‘It’s Over.’

Vinum is set to drop on February 23rd. Pre-order here.

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