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Pink Noise Party Drops Disco Pop Single ‘Queer’

“Always be a first rate version of yourself rather than being a second rate version of someone else” comes the message from ‘Queer’, the new release by Gaspard Delanoe’s colourful disco pop outfit Pink Noise Party.

Take the quirky inventiveness of LCD Soundsystem and mix it with the smoothness of vintage disco and you begin to approach Pink Noise Party’s sonic palette. And, in a world that seems to be sliding back into intolerance and close-mindedness, “Queer” is a brave and important song: a loud, proud call to be yourself no matter what.

The Paris-based trio consists of Joy Buckley (vocals, bass, keyboards), Syd X. Rey (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Sebastien Tanquart (drums). Their striking aesthetic and curious sounds has already captured the City of Lights; the trio has performed shows in venues across Paris including the Bus Palladium, International, 114, Dandy, FGO-Barbara, MPAA Saint-Germain, and Glazart, and has twice appeared at the Printemps de Bourges Festival, opening for Jil Is Lucky in 2013, as well as on several stages abroad such as Nambucca and Lexington in London and Laboratoria in Moscow. They are currently preparing for a Spring and Summer tour around France.

Strange back story too. They’re a trio of physicists who unwittingly met in a record shop in Los Alamos while at an international quantum physics conference. Pink Noise Party offers a post-punk sound texture that borrows directly from bands of the great Manchester era such as Joy Division and Magazine, but which is still strongly influenced by modern pop. They boast the genuine rock ‘n roll energy of progressive bands like Hot Chip, Arcade Fire and Phoenix.

“‘Queer’ is a fun, exuberant track – a perfect example of Pink Noise Party’s patented quantum pop style,” says Gaspard. “With layered electric guitars giving away to syncopated piano in the breakdown section, as listeners are urged by the lyrics to find (and love) each other in the middle of the dancefloor.”

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