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Listen To Ninajirachi’s ‘Pure Luck (ft Freya Staer)’

The single ‘Pure Luck (feat. Freya Staer)’ is the latest release by upcoming Australian producer Ninajirachi. Counting Porter Robinson, Mura Masa and Flume as influences, Ninajirachi’s sound is both accessible and sophisticated, employing a wide range of tones and varied, complex rhythms.

Speaking about the track, which has already received support from the likes of ElectroPose, TripleJ Unearthed, Purple Sneakers, Pilerats, Indie Shuffle, Music Feeds and Tone Deaf

Of her work with featured singer Freya Staer, Ninajirachi says, “Freya and I have been friends since we were 10 years old, so to be able to work with her vocals on this song has been really special.”

Take a listen and follow Ninajirachi below:

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