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MAASAI release debut album ‘Feeling Blue, Seeing Orange’

Stockholm-based duo MAASAI have just released their debut album, “Feeling Blue, Seeing Orange”.

The albums first released track, ‘Collide’ gave the listeners a taste of a dreamy and captivating world with epic sweeps and and glacial beauty. The music video for the track was premiered by fashion meets music magazine Wonderland.

The album include previously shared tracks ‘Forgive Me’, ‘Memories’, ‘The Healer’ and ‘I.D.S.H’. (I Don’t Speak Human) which was recently premiered by Clash magazine alongside unheard tracks such as ‘Grow’ featuring the duo’s cinematic pop.

Teymouri and Ekelund met each other between music projects and soon realized that they should join forces.They chose the name MAASAI as a metafor for solidarity and inner strength, as it mirrored the values they hold dear- the word derives from a Kenyan Nilotic ethnic group, and means, my people.

‘Feeling Blue, Seeing Orange’
1 Nairobi
2 Forgive Me
3 Collide
4 Memories
5 Haunted
6 I.D.S.H.
7 Grow
8 The Healer
9 Devil’s Dance
10 Lighthouse

Check the band on Facebook , listen to the new album on Spotify

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