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Das Mörtal, Vitalic, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut

‘IDÖL’ shows Das Mörtal’s irreverent side

Image credit: Ariana Molly

Canadian producer Das Mörtal has released a new single titled ‘IDÖL’. A hard hitter, the pleasantly troublesome track received early recognition from the industry tastemaker Run The Trap. With previous support from METAL Magazine and Ottawa Life Magazine, the enigmatic musician continues to make a name for himself in the press. 

Stream / Download: Das Mörtal – ‘IDÖL’

‘IDÖL’ is utterly unforgiving. Slathered in a heavy layer of bass, the track vacillates between states of dark saturated low-end and bright synth stabs. Laser beams bounce off the walls, giving the track a frantic, almost manic rave-like quality. When asked about the track, Das Mörtal said, “IDÖL is going to make you dance and bounce while we try to escape the pressures of society.” 

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