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Paul McCartney And Kanye West // Piss on…Someone’s Grave

The internet rumour mill can be a treacherous place in which to delve. Word on the online grapevine is that divisive rapper Kanye West is collaborating with rock legend Paul McCartney. According to the New York Post, the two have been working in the studio on a track entitled ‘Piss on My Grave’ as well as possibly enough material for an album. Both Kanye and McCartney’s reps have declined to comment on the rumours, however Kanye’s did clarify that the rapper was working on a song called ‘Piss on Your Grave’.

If true, the collaboration will likely be lauded and lambasted in equally extreme measure. It sounds like an odd pairing, but so does peanut butter and jam – if they don’t try, we’ll never know.

As for the name of the track, it seems a bit out of sorts for McCartney to go for a track titled so crudely (if the rumours are true, which I certainly hope they are). But in the immortal words of Chaz Michael Michaels “No-one knows what it means, but it’s PROVOCATIVE.”

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