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Sinden Presents the Crystal System Shared A New Track ‘Got Me Moving’

Sinden is known as one of the most versatile electronic artists in the genre and his latest release, the single ‘Got Me Moving’, is a characteristic example of his flexible musicianship. Sinden Presents the Crystal System is a collaborative project between Sinden and members of electronic group Azari & III, the vocalist of which (Starving Yet Full) features on the new single.
‘Got Me Moving’ rocks an old school disco-house feel, but pulls it off without feeling dated. This is down to the experimental flourishes Sinden layers throughout the track, which is further gelled by a driving beat and SYF’s strong vocals.

Speaking about his inspiration for the track, and the upcoming EP it is to feature on, Sinden lists a typically wide range of influences – from Talking Heads to DJ Larry Levan to post-punk outfit The Passions. On another track ‘Step Back’ from the as yet untitled EP, the scope of Sinden’s influences can definitely be heard. Starting off with a nod to ‘Blue Monday’ the track then delves into 90s techno territory, making ‘Step Back’ a very different creature from ‘Got Me Moving’.  The marked contrast between the two songs feels like it will be representative of the EP as a whole and I look forward to seeing what else Sinden the musical chameleon has in store for us.

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