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New Jeff Mills Album Details Released

Electronic music luminary Jeff Mills has released details about his upcoming album, due out on March 24th from Axis Records.


Planets will be a 9-track LP, which each track named after one of the celestial bodies that also inspired Gustav Holst’s seminal 1916 suite of the same name.


Mills teased details about the album last month, calling it an “Electronic Classical concept album” that “pays tribute” to Holst’s original score. Axis Records have now also confirmed that the album, which will feature “minimalist electronic composition for orchestras, symphonic and philharmonic”,  will not only be released on CD, but, additionally, on Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray version will offer an extended “an 18-piece suite that explores the nine planets, including the portions of space in between the planets: the nine regions Mills calls Loop Transits.”
Take a look at a teaser video for the album, which was finished in Abbey Road at the end of 2016, below:

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