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Fancy Cars Set Us On Fire With New Single

First, there was veteran solo producer Alan Notkin. Then there were featured vocalists. Then there was Brandon Hall, the vocalist-producer who has already picked up two RIAA Platinum Awards for his work with Avril Lavigne and Christina Perri. Now there’s Fancy Cars, the duo. And if ringing strings, pop vocals and future bass chops are your thing, want to find the play button for “Set Me On Fire”, the electronic pop production that’s already gathered support from YourEDM, The Music Ninja, Hillydilly and Purple Sneakers.

Hall’s gentle yet passionate R&B vocal opens the track with a melancholic piano accompaniment, quickly establishing his wide range and earnest delivery. “Set Me On Fire” builds to its first drop with a melodic vocal cut-up, quickly progressing through waves of scattershot, trap-influenced high end towards the final drop and outro. Careful listening will also reveal a recording of fire sounds as the track winds down, so reminiscent of the end of an epic evening.


“Set Me On Fire” is one of the first tracks that Brandon Hall and I worked on together,” says Notkin. It was really one of the defining tracks that made us realize how well we worked together.”


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