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Swans Shared Their new Album´To Be Kind´

Swans are known for their dark, moody and deep sound. They have very much kept that sound in their new album ‘To Be Kind’. The group split for 13 years and began playing together again in 2010. Fans were relieved to hear that they had not lost their way, if anything they came back harder and darker. To Be Kind is a journey as much as it is an album. With tracks like ‘Bring The Sun/Toussaint L’ Ouveture’ (which runs for 34 minutes) it is not a light listen. Imagine ‘The End’ by The Doors but far longer and even more intense, this track alone could be an EP itself. The track ‘Some Things We Do’ is the shortest on the album at 5 minutes long. Perhaps the best track to stick on if you want a quick fix, laced with strings, monotone vocals and some very minimalist deep sounding timpani drums, this track alone encompasses what the album is all about. Swans have still got the edge they always had, this is a must listen for fans of any of their previous works, or for those who thrive on the deeper, moodier side of music.

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