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Yvette´s New Album ‘Process’

YVETTE are a band that layer themselves in a thick wall of guitar pedal madness and heavy, simple in your face drums holding it together. With a collection of guitar FX and pedals that could rival Tom Morello, Noah Kardos-Fein does not hold back in terms of creating obscure and at times close to uncomfortable sounds with his guitar pedals. This is what gives Yvette a truly unique identity and is why you should be listening to them. Noah has stated that “At some point I became less interested in playing guitar through my pedals, and more interested in playing the pedals themselves”. If you want to hear what these guys have produced under this experimental song-writing technique, you will find their new album streamed through their soundcloud. The vocals and drums are also present throughout the album, keeping it simple but bold, letting the strange sounds of hundreds of guitar pedals at work to take the shine. The album PROCESS is to be released May 5th. You can hear from the album they are also a band to check out live, not one you’d forget in a hurry.

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