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Montreal’s Beat Market Releases New Album ‘Sun Machine’ on Lisbon Lux Records

‘Sun Machine’ is the new album from Montreal-based electronic duo Beat Market, out now via Lisbon Lux Records. ‘Sun Machine’ includes collaborations with long-time friends singers Malika and Aiza, French Horn Rebellion vocalist Robert Perlick Molinari and fellow Montreal icon APigeon.

According to Louis-Joseph Cliche and Max Bellavance, who met at university, the goal was always to bring electronic music to a live setting where they could express themselves as true musicians. At their first gigs, Beat Market’s energy gained fans in the form of Thump, Dancing Astronaut, KCRW and the Montreal crowds.

“We want to create a music that makes people move, dance and have fun. An instrumental journey easy to understand and feel. If they feel good when they listen, that’s the right path,” explain the duo. Drawing influences from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Major Lazer, Mr. Oizo, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kaytranada, Deadmau5, Daft Punk and Justice, Beat Market’s new album features sophisticated French house beats and thumping rhythms.

‘Sun Machine’ Tracklist:
1. Dune
2. Sun Machine
3. Doors (ft. Malika)
4. Stars
5. Turn My Colors On (with French Horn Rebellion)
6. Riders
7. Mariane
8. See What I Mean (ft. Aliza)
9. Les Belles Années
10. Madonyx
11. Atlantis (with APigeon)

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