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iFeature impresses with dynamic and emotional track ‘Told Myself’

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, versatile producer and musician iFeature released his enigmatic new single ‘Told Myself’ on the 22nd of September. Pushing the boundaries of genres, the track is an exciting mix of pop, rock. drum & bass and EDM. In addition,the release is a testament to iFeature‘s versatility and talents as he was responsible for everything from the songwriting, production, mixing, mastering, cover art creation, and even the music video. 

Launching with a bang from the start, the track features distorted guitar chords, and subtly auto-tuned vocals that explore relatable topics of love and loss. iFeatures vocals are melancholic but carry with them a deep authenticity and emotion. The drop switches up to an almost DnB influenced beat, with gigantic modulated synths darting and stabbing across the soundscape. The second break brings with it a more introspective mood through its chord progression, an emotive section that will surely resonate with most as it pulsates with energy. 

iFeature states, “I wanted ‘Told Myself‘ to be a fully self-expressed work of art, where every element, from the music to the visuals, reflects my creative vision. It’s a labor of love, and I hope it resonates with listeners as deeply as it resonates with me.”

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