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Arian Romal shares nebulous new album, ‘Celestial Love’

Award-winning producer, songwriter and DJ Arian Romal dropped his second album, Celestial Love, on January 11, 2024. With a career spanning accolades and global recognition, Arian Romal is a multi-lingual music producer, songwriter, and DJ renowned for his collaborations with artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Celestial Love embarks on a sonic voyage across the realms of EDM and techno, intricately crafted to carry listeners on an intergalactic expedition guided by enchanting melodies, rhythmic pulses, and captivating beat drops. Notably, the album features a collaboration with the multi-award-winning actress and singer Tia Bajpai, alongside other exceptionally skilled artists. The chosen release date holds profound cosmic significance for Arian Romal, aligning with his belief in the universal importance of numerical patterns. This date, embodying the numerological essence of 369 – a number regarded as a key to unlocking cosmic truths – is a deliberate choice. The incorporation of the dates 11, 01, 24, and their cumulative sum of 9 (1+1+0+1+2+4) symbolizes a spiritual alignment resonating with the overarching cosmic theme of the album.

Arian Romal revealed: “This album represents a fusion of the finest EDM and Techno elements, meticulously designed to transcend boundaries and transport listeners beyond the confines of this world. Celestial Love encapsulates a profound purpose behind every track, aimed at elevating theaudience to a cosmic realm. This album is a testament to pushing the boundaries of music-making, it’s a sonic exploration, a cosmic journey that aims to transport every listener to an elevated state of mind.”

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