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GLMF releases new song ‘Dancing Alone’ feat. Ellie Beth

The music composition of «Dancing Alone» started in a special place and, seemingly, in a completely different world: in the Caribbean, on the small islands of Anguilla and Sint Maarten, where and when corona was just a little news flash on the China pages of only a very few international newspapers. The Caribbean sun, the warm atmosphere, the smell of the tropics and of the Caribbean Sea, the taste of the food; all this made everything feel easy, beautiful and relaxed. All these nice impressions flowed into the track and inspired to produce these positive, light and chilling tunes as well as the underlying groovy bass and beats. By listening to the lyrics of «Dancing Alone» you realize how much the world has changed ever since. Obviously, the lyrics are influenced by the pandemic. The talented Norwegian singer Ellie Beth with her smooth voice – who co-wrote the lyrics – sang her vocals during lockdown in her country. Miquel Tanda from Globally Local Music also wrote his part of the lyrics in lockdown in his country. No wonder do they – at least partly – reflect the situation in which the whole world has been for weeks and months, and in many places still is. Maybe «Dancing Alone» can bring a bit of joy to the world that is only slowly recovering from the pandemic and getting back to normal in very little steps.

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