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Discover the enigmatic music producer garcialucass with his remix of Uppermost’s ‘Night Walk’

Sometimes it takes years for the perfect remix to appear after a track is released. This is not the case with Uppermost’s ‘Night Walk’. Releasing the original and 3 remixes in one fell swoop, his fans were set for the festive season: having their pick of the litter for which version they preferred best.

While each remix has its merit, our personal favourite came from garcialucass, a fairly enigmatic producer hailing from Brazil. The bass-filled track was on our playlist to carry in the new year, creating the perfect vibe as the sunset before leading into the darker, harsher tracks of the night.

Uppermost tells us a little about the inspiration behind the original track: “’Night Walk” is about the sounds I hear when wandering alone in the middle of the night. Streets are empty and cold, reflections of city lights on the cars contrast with the darkness that surrounds the sky. The echo of a mesmerizing, inspiring silence can be heard.’

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