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Interview with Cheap Meat!

Cheap Meat is a three piece made up of Ross Drummond, Peter Hakola and Matt Rebeiro and according to their website, they’ve been ‘Hangin’ and Bangin’ since 2013. We’ll let the you decide what that means for yourselves. They guys and their purely punk rock leanings are on the brink of releasing their debut EP: something Drum Thud are right excited about.

The band were kind enough to have a quick chat with us ahead of their release to give us a bit more of an insight…

Thanks for chatting to us! What is the name of your band?

Hello! Thanks for asking the questions. We’re Cheap Meat. A three piece rock band living in London. We’re made up of Ross Drummond (Singer / Guitarist), Peter Hakola (Bassist / Singer) and Matt Rebeiro (Drums / Bad Jokes)

Can you tell us the best tracks you’ve listened to in 2015?

Ross – I’ve been getting excited about the new Beach Slang album, jamming on Hairball by Nai Harvest and Stand Still and Rot by Pinact. The new Wilco album was great as well.

Pete – Hard to name 1 song, maybe Honne – All In the value or the new Foals track What Went Down.

Matt – We all love Refused, so when they came out of nowhere with a new album it was pretty special. The riff from Françafrique is a killer.

Special mention goes to Dinosaur Pile Up for 11:11 that’s a mean old dirty riff.

Kanye at Glastonbury… agree or disagree?

Seems a bit late to get into the argument but the fact that it was even a question was ridiculous. Who cares? Kanye West is and was far more exciting than most of the other bands and artists being thrown into the ring for headlining.

What tips would you give an up and coming band on securing their first gig?

If you’re just starting out the best advice we could give is find a little venue you’ve seen bands at and try and put on a show there yourself!

Get a bunch of local bands you like, get together, share your equipment, promote it together charge little and split anything you make evenly. You’ll have a hell of a lot more fun that way than trying to get a gig any other way. Oh and make sure you turn up on time.

Tardiness is not rock and roll.

What are your favourite albums of all time?

We’ll refer you to question 4 from this link.

If you could choose any stage to play on tomorrow, what would it be?

Rock in Rio! Scream for me Brazzzziiiillllll!

What have been the happiest and most difficult moments you have had as a band?

We’ve not been a band for very long but the baptism of fire that was recording our EP (Out in November on Hassle!) was probably both!

It was amazing to work with Jason Wilson and record the songs and hear them how we dreamed they sounded in our heads but it was also pretty brutal learning how much work it was to get near to that! Ross had some near diva moments a few times.

What are your goals for the next five years? Anything exciting we should be looking out for?

Things to look out for are our debut video for ‘Sweetness, Take Me Back’ as well as the aforementioned debut EP in November! But that only takes us to the next 3-4 months. So for the next five years, somewhere between where we are now and One Direction levels of success doesn’t seem like an unreasonable ask.

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