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Image credit: Iviu Torre Are you are someone who enjoys the simpler pleasures in life? It can be anything like taking a scenic walk around the city, chatting with friends, or spending quality time with your pets. Jaffna’s music and latest

 Image credit: Pascal Dash A large part of the joy of creating new music is experimenting: testing out new methods and trying tones you’ve had tinkling away at the back of your mind for years. And after all that - why

 Image Credit: Guilhem Canal It is that peaceful window of time just after sunrise, and there is not a cloud in the sky to put a damper on the day. You are able to focus on the natural harmony of sounds

Image credit: Blueshift Visuals  Taking inspiration from all sub-genres of house music and UK garage, Nathan always produces tracks with the dance floor in mind. Nathan Inman emerged onto the scene with his unique DJ style, earning him a residency in his

Following the Urchin take on their single ‘L.A.S’, award-winning jazz group ISQ (Critics Choice) revealed the remix of  ‘Ode To Myself ‘  by DJ Arthur Baker. A personal friend of ISQ singer Irene, Arthur Baker has worked with renowned acts

Multi-instrumentalist Hanna – aka Warren Harris – releases Champion EP on vinyl label Penelope: three tracks of gloriously singular and disorientating house music that perfectly demonstrate his kaleidoscopic approach to production. Over the last few years, Hanna has created quite a

Up-and-coming duo BELMONT BOYS have released their debut single ‘PJ’ on dance music giant Insomniac’s own record label, In / Rotation. The track comes as a part of Insomniac’s latest compilation, Rotate Vol. 3. A moody deep house cut, ‘PJ’ weaves

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