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Interview with melodic-techno master HEVI LEVI

We recently spoke to HEVI LEVI after the release of his new single ‘Expecto Patronum’. Released on the 25th of August via his own record label Joy Group, and premiering on Deep House Sweden, HEVI LEVI is an Electronic DJ and producer from Tel Aviv, Israel. He has performed in underground clubs and at some of the biggest music festivals around the world, namely Tomorrowland, Laundry Day, Escape, Sensation, Space, Futurami, IT, Ministry Of Sound, ADE, Pacha and many more. 

Walk us through your creative process?

 My creative journey commences with a humble notebook, where I capture the essence of the idea and the narrative that lies within the track. This foundational step allows me to shape the direction and purpose of the music I intend to create. Once I’ve woven a compelling story, I gravitate towards my piano, a sanctuary where I delve into harmonies and melodies that possess the ability to convey the heart of this narrative. As the musical elements crystallize, I transition to my digital audio workstation (DAW), where the fusion of technology and artistry takes center stage. Here, I meticulously craft the structure of the composition, finely tuning every aspect to align with the emotional journey that the track embarks upon. The palette of sounds and arrangements is carefully chosen to breathe life into the narrative, ensuring that each sonic layer resonates harmoniously with the underlying story.

In essence, my creative process is a harmonious interplay between the written word, musical exploration, and technological finesse, all converging to create an immersive experience that allows the listener to journey through the soul of the music.

What has been the most defining moment of your musical career? 

One of the most profound and cherished moments of my music career was when I had the incredible opportunity to perform at one of Europe’s largest festivals in 2015. As my set reached its peak, and the chorus of one of my songs began, I decided to filter down the sound. To my astonishment and delight, the entire sea of festival-goers joined in unison, singing the heartfelt lyrics that had originated from the depths of my soul, crafted in the intimacy of my own bedroom just a few months before. The overwhelming rush of emotions that surged through me at that moment is beyond description. It was a surreal and humbling experience to witness how my music had touched and connected with so many people on such a profound level. This unforgettable moment continues to inspire and fuel my passion for creating music that resonates with the hearts of others

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?

With the unique combination of holding dual master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, my profound passion for the realm of DJing has become an integral part of my identity. The magnetic pull of music has shaped my life’s path in a profound way. However, contemplating an alternate trajectory, it’s evident that my innate desire to bring happiness to others would have found expression in a different artistic domain.

In this parallel journey, I envision myself as a culinary artist, a Chef perhaps, or pursuing a similarly expressive role. Just as music has the power to uplift spirits, I believe the artistry of crafting delectable dishes can evoke emotions and create memorable experiences. This alignment with the pursuit of joy through creativity remains at the core of who I am, whether through the vibrant melodies of music or the flavorful symphonies of cuisine.

What’s one (or two) piece(s) of musical equipment or software you can’t live without?

Piano and Piano! 

What’s next for Hevi Levi?

In the unfolding chapters of Hevi Levi’s journey, a tapestry of exciting prospects and creative synergies lies ahead. Central to my path is an unwavering commitment to crafting an abundance of original musical compositions, each a distinct reflection of my evolving artistic odyssey.

What sets this journey apart is my unique collaboration with a talented painter. Together, we create a symbiotic relationship between music and visual art, as the painter translates the emotions and sensations evoked by my tracks onto canvas. This collaborative endeavor adds an intriguing dimension to my artistic expression, enriching the sensory experience for our audiences by bridging the auditory and visual realms in a truly captivating manner.

Furthermore, the realm of live performances beckons with increasing vigor. Requests for my presence as a DJ at an array of dynamic events, spanning from pulsating parties to immersive festivals, are on the rise. This platform offers me the chance to curate sets that transcend genre confines and resonate profoundly with diverse audiences.

As I navigate this captivating juncture, my creative voyage is underscored by a harmonious fusion of music and visual art, brought to life through collaboration and shared experiences. The road ahead promises innovation, meaningful partnerships, and a steadfast dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity, all while sharing the joy that music and art bring to the world. 

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